The Universe (God) Wants Us to Connect With It in a Flash


Wow, I hope you are enjoying and getting benefit out of your new Flash Awake texts! (if you don’t know about this service, click here.)

Here are 5 amazing reasons WHY you might want to keep
learning and practicing the Flash Awake (my favorite is #1):

#1. The Universe (God) Wants Us To Connect With Her In a Flash

The Universe (God) uses the Flash to communicate, work, love, and self-transform. For example, scientists show that the Universe was created in the Big-Bang Flash. Atom smashers show us electrons disappearing and re-appearing in a flash. Neuroscience shows us brain synapses firing neuropeptides in a flash. Doesn’t it make some sense that the Universe “wants” me/you to connect with it in a flash.

#2. Immediately Drop Into Presence In Under A Minute

The Flash Awake drops me into Presence quickly. If I continue doing the Flash Awake for one minute, I experience even deeper levels of the Richness and Magic dancing through this Presence. For example, loving, accepting, celebrating, gratitude, joy, clarity, and energy are all dancing together in Presence. You can learn to feel this ever deeper.

#3 Brings PHEW, AH, and YES in under a minute

Happily, an additional “by-product” of Flashing Awake is an immediate, felt, bodily sense of relief (PHEW), clarity (AH), and joy (YES). I have the hardest time identifying all of the positive emotions I feel when I flash awake (because they are always changing) … but relief, clarity and joy seem to be always present.

#4 Feel Life’s Richness & Magic any moment you choose

Behind the scenes, beyond any specific circumstances, apart from any drama, well past our mental stories — the Richness and Magic of Life continue to brew, swirl, and unfold. New Suns are being birthed right now in scorching Nebula gases. A profound sense of gratitude for the stupendous Unifying Field is but a instant away. Love is right here too, boom. As you continue to deepen with the the Flash Awake, you can access this any moment you choose.

#5 Use the one “GO-TO” Mind-Body-Spirit tool … anytime, anywhere, any state

I have found the Flash Awake to be my one GO-TO tool through every day. I have “Flashed Awake” to amplify joy, cut the stress in my gut, take a pause in a difficult conversation, send love to someone ill, hold space for peace in the world, take a break from my inner critic, go back to sleep, and/or break through when I am high-jacked in my monkey mind.

In fact, here’s a 1:30 minute video of me using the Flash Awake to do just this.

Isn’t it amazing that it’s all around, in, through, and connecting us?!

What are your comments, thoughts, questions? What are you learning that is valuable for you? Is there someone you lover that could benefit from from this?


Dr. Wiedemann
[email protected]