Dr. Frederic Wiedemann's

30-second "Flash Awake"

a proprietary breath to (1) shift you out of "auto-pilot," and
(2) bring your brain-body-Spirit to greater consciousness ...
in 30 seconds, as in unifying these:

The FLASH AWAKE in five quick lines:

WHAT: a 30-second way to de-stress, heal, flow & awaken
FOR WHO: you want a simple, new, fast way to keep feeling your highest potential
HOW: you weave this tool through your day for its "shot of enlightenment"
WHY: you can get energy, gratitude, love, joy, and the divine this fast
LONG-TERM: these bursts re-organize your mind-body toward wholeness

... no matter your mood, external situation, or Trump's latest move ...

This leading-edge mind-body-spirit tool
goes beyond conventional mindfulness, "take a deep breath," etc.
Emerging from 40 years of PhD clinical psychology, 6 years of intensive R&D, & 100s of Beta-testers


Anti-Hype Notice:
this is not a spiritual bypass for necessary inner work

Psycho-spiritual maturity requires both immanence and transcendence, both deep shadow work and going beyond the self. This is the paradox of wholeness. The Flash Awake tool provides a new, fast, easy way to keep your balance, your figure-8 flow between these two realms.

Combine these 3 forces to unlock your highest potential
(a 2:48 video of my personal struggle)


1 Your good work is so needed at this epic time when our beloved planet & humanity hangs in the balance


2 Yet you are stressed daily with urgent matters, terrible world news, even inner doubts


3 Let this tool offer a way to quickly re-source your grounding, strength and inner clarity 


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Imagine how 30-seconds of relief, whenever you need it, will serve you for the rest of your change-making days.

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  1. The Science … like the #1  evidence-based choice for the most optimal breath you can possibly take (imagine having that for the rest of your life).
  2. The Art … like the #1 reliable trigger to automatically “remind” you to take 30-seconds of this relief.
  3. Results … practical, grounded ways to be more effective in the nitty-gritty of mid-wifing change in a complex world of the dominating and competing powers of the old paradigm we are trying to hospice.

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