She Restoreth My Soul

May the fourth line of Psalm 23
bring you renewal for your soul service
Namaste dear reader,
Let’s delve into the first four lines of Psalm 23, this most beautiful of Biblical Psalms.
Let’s also open our minds by using the Feminine for God. The future belongs to the Feminine. The masculine patriarchy has to give way if humanity is to survive. With that in mind, here’s a new rendition:
The Goddess is my shepherd, I shall not want. 
She maketh me lie down in green pastures.
She leadeth me beside the still waters.
She restoreth my soul.
Four magnificent lines.
Simply exquisite.
When you read it with God in its Feminine version, does it have a different feeling tone to you? Perhaps opening your heart?

“She restoreth my soul”:

I want to focus on the fourth line “She restoreth my soul”:
* When was the last time you realized you had a soul.
* When was the last time you attuned to your soul?
* When was the last time you led a major decision from your soul, not the pros and cons of your mind?
With these questions staring you in the face, might you be realizing about now that your soul doth need restoring?

Do you call it soul?

You may not call it soul. You may call it higher power, intuition, gut, wisdom, or inner guidance.
Do you have a part of your Self that is wiser than your typical mind chatter?
Do you have a part of yourself inside that feels deeply connected to All That Is?
It doesn’t matter what you call it. To me, soul is not a noun, but a verb. It is a process. It is that which figure-eight flows between our Inner and the Outer, form and formless, heaven and earth, transcendence and immanence…between Flesh and Spirit.
It is that aspect inside us all wet, wild, deeply creative, and magnificently free — like a powerful black mare running free through the waves ay the edges of where the vastness of ocean meets, oh after so many depths, land… the sea foam zinging in the air, glistening in the fire of sun rays.

Example from my life:

In a series of synchronicities, connections with others, inner guidance, exquisite music, and one mind blowing dream about whales right before me, my spiritual path has recently led me back to connecting deeply with my soul.
My soul has been restored. I can feel it. I am using it as the touchstone for all my major decisions at this chapter of my life. I am reveling in its delicious flow, connecting me as a tiny part of the Whole with All That Is.
May this message call forth YOUR soul. May it restoreth your awareness of your soul. 
Re-connect with this most ancient spark from the Divine Fire inside you
She restoreth your soul.
P.S. If you feel resonant with this message, you might be interested in this retreat I will be leading on Soul Flowing, this Aug 2018 in the mountains above Boulder.