Advanced Crypto Currency Trading/Investing as a PATH TO AWAKENING for Self & Others

This post spells out an ADVANCED crypto investing/trading mindset. You are at risk of losing your old investment thinking. First, listen to this music below as u read this—it’ll help open your higher intuition to truth.

As the music starts to move you into a deeper, more soulful space, realize this: if you are a crypto trader/investor without alot of deep self-analysis, then u are probably still taking the blue pill every day–your investment thinking/psychology is still part of the current status quo thinking, part of the problem.

In the current status quo—which mindlessly gulps the blue pill of the dominant capitalistic matrix–you probably think of an “advanced crypto investor or trader” as someone who has mastered “advanced trading skills” to make lots of money. That’s the measure—profit, money, millionaire and billionaires, $$$$. Endlessly making more and more.

Doesn’t matter that you can’t spend these millions or billions of dollars sensible. The more you make, the BIGGER YOU ARE. Gotta make more. Feed that ego! Haha, look how big and powerful I am!

This deep state, unexamined belief is just the old form of capitalism–lusting after Self-benefit … but not benefit for the larger Whole of other suffering beings. You know—the billions squatting right now by a hovel, or a cardboard shack, without clean water, with babies screaming.

By contrast, my radical new definition of an “ADVANCED crypto trading or investor is this — one who is wise enough to practicing crypto trading/investing AS A PATH OF AWAKENING FOR SELF AND OTHERS.

After all, at its heart of hearts, crypto is a REVOLUTION — the disruption of the concentration and centralization of power and wealth in the hands of a few.

After all, at its heart of hearts, crypto is YOUR REVOLUTION — your way of  disrupting the concentration and centralization of power and wealth in the hands of the top 0.0001% unawakened psychopaths.

And therefore YOUR crypto trading/investing should be a revolution as well.

What does this mean?

First of all, advanced crypto trading/investing should be a revolution in your own way of thinking about trading/investing. You have to experience a paradigm shift. Trading is no longer only about maximizing return. As we saw above, that’s just bankrupted “free market” capitalistic thinking.

If you are only thinking about “will this trade make me money?” you are still in the capitalistic paradigm.

If advanced crypto investing is not only about maximizing return, what is it about?

We are awakening beyond the egoic self (only thinking about itself and its profits). We are disrupting that limited mindset (me-me-me), with the advanced thinking and awakened psychology—that we are all One.

After all, isn’t this what all Schools of Awakening teach (be they east, west, transcendent or embodied)?

How is “we are all One” actually applied in advanced crypto trading?

Step 1:

Will this trade maximize the greatest good for the greatest number?

With each crypto trade or investment, I question whether it will maximize the greater good for the greatest number.

My recent, real world example: will my desired swing trade in the alt coin GTO not only maximize my profit, but also invest in an alt coin doing good for millions of folks? Will it bring social benefit to the masses?

Will my proposed trade in GTO benefit the crypto revolution itself?

(p.s. I researched this alt coin deeply, and decided that it would have massive social benefit. But hey, this is not financial advice, right? Just my example, so you can understand the practicality of what I am hopefully inspiring you to do.

Step 2:

Have I “clarified” my own psychology?

As an advanced crypto trader, using my trades as a path of awakening, I have to ask these questions:

  • have I wrestled sufficiently with my own greed, FOMO, impulsiveness, narrow self-interest, lack of big picture vision, and addictions?
  • As I make this trade, is my psychology “clean”?

Sound like a high bar? Remember, I am proposing an ADVANCED psychology for trading crypto currencies. Which means when you trade … you come from the clear, secure, grounded, wise, loving, open Source in your psychology.

Step 3:

Given all of the above, what  is my deepest/highest intuition telling me about this trade?

As I conclude this post, I’m going to give you a tool that I use to help me with this final step. I personally find that music, just as much as mediation, helps me to hear my inner guidance.

The music I am about to share with you is based on the 852 megahertz frequency, said to awaken one into deeper into wisdom and connection with one’s higher self. I actually experience exactly this when I listen to this piece by Anima.

To use this music as a tool for awakening my higher intuition about a particular trade, I listen to this piece over and over. I really focus on it. I listen to the orchestration, the musical arrangement, the way the voices come in and out. I dive deep into the power and majesty of this piece.

May you have the same experience!

If you let yourself go into this experience this, notice that you may feel an opening inside yourself. Perhaps you feel your heart opening. Maybe your intuition expands. Hopefully you remember your deep love for ALL people as One.

Now you can get the inner guidance about your trade. Or you guided to continue with the trade or not?! Be honest with the intuition.


This post is for those willing to consider ADVANCED crypto trading/investing … as a path of awakening. Why? Because the very nature of crypto currencies is a revolution—to disrupt the power elite, and distribute control, wealth and identity to the people around the world. To be a part of this revolution, an advanced crypto trader must disrupt their own elitist, capitalistic thinking. This post outlines some of the ways how.