“RETREAT” (Aug 2018)

Intimate Contact!

Experience Body Comfort, Emotional Flow,
Inner Guidance and 
Spiritual Hidden Riches
… thru your day


> and then here:

what: a week-long “retreat” in the rockies, led by Frederic Wiedemann, PhD and guest teachers

where: the rocky mountain eco-dharma center (30 mins from Boulder, CO, surrounded by Indian peaks Wilderness

when: Aug 17-24, 2018 With option to only do the weekend)

includes: all food, lodging in “the lodge” and overnight solo in Nature if desired

cost: $885 (amazingly inexpensive thanks to the eco-dharma’s non-profit mission!)

limited: to 25 for the weekend… and 12 for the extended retreat

apply: by emailing me (Frederic Wiedemann) at [email protected]


oh, I am having such fun creating this. While nothing is set in stone yet (very bad practice for a retreat on FLOW :), below are some of my musings to date! In fact, this may give you a better sense of this offering, than a slick marketing piece:


* This this about where all of these meet, engage, dance, SYNERGIZE;
* Contact, touch, soul, isherenow, music, singing/humming/chanting, movement/dacne, nature/beauty, experiences/rituals, mindfulness FA, inner reflections, integration, practice over and over
BODY COMFORT (and id andlving the places that are NOT compfortrabe0.

* THIS IS DIFFERENT from other retreats bec:
* We are taught to pay attention
* This thing takes effort, discipline, discipline
* Getting the mind to try to be present
* “BEING present” is so “dry”
* Vs how many ways can you fall in love with the moment… hidden riches
* Hidden riches is attractive and interesting
* T6his is more of a hillman soul, wet, luscious


* But when I asked marika to play the game, she refused, Bec she wanted to be with her depression, feeling, and experienced it as a spiritual bypass. So it is important to frame it perhaps as what is the hidden reality, not in this moment, which puts it somehow outside ourselves, but in your body or in your feelings right here
* Should we saunter, slow down, leisurely, like when I take the pressure off, and flow, m like Sunday, like cdb
* Is the theme: (how) the soul contacts isherenow
* Do workshops with Siddiq before and others as beta
* But is there a separating going on here? Does it include me? Am I one with it? Is it an it? Am I included? How am I included? How is this and me and Loveland everything all herenow? “I’m isherenow. I’m one with isherenow.”


you already get this conceptually, nothing new here, isherenow, but its about applying it, practicing it, living it, pluming its riches for one week!! And this should make a difference when you get home!

EnneaThought® for the Day

Type Five EnneaThought® for February 1st
Remember, when you are Present you place your attention on what is occurring now all around you, not focused on past, present, or future. Be aware of this today. (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 47)
Type Seven EnneaThought® for February 1st
Remember, when you are Present you are deeply touched by impressions of life around you.
* enter, feel, fathom & integrate this MOST MAGIC PORTAL …. in multiple ways, from novel mindfulness to dance to nature-based solos
* Making the present and presence not ho-hum, the future is much more exciting, but rich, dimension, textured
* What works and doesn’t work fro raphael on these week retreats (use one of my session)
* The entire retreat is about this, all the activities refer to this, all the discussion, the focus, the practice over and over in multiple ways, using the flash awake for this,
* Droppong into the now.. and fathoming the riches, from 2-d to 3-d to spherical… from the b/w of the mind to the full colors of God (the universe didn’t have to have colors)
* From raphael: The best of the classic eastern meditation retreat (list) and the western retreat (“Let’s do things!) (ala raphael)
* Eastern/classical
* Putting thoughts and mind patterns under a microscope, sitting, mindfulness exercises, silence, introspective
* Western
* Do things, Siddaq’s I want to move, embody, dance, not just sit, also the tiff western psychological model or developmental, what is your personal pattern of avoiding the now? Lets get granular, how your mind avoids the now, and put this into a mini-theatre piece, and revolt and confess it!
* Is it judging, or inferiority, or futurizing, or pastizing, or default, or what?! What is the inner dialogue, what are the subs saying to you, if you could externalize this in a theatre piece
* what is the healthy version of futurizing and pasting, since w have to do it? What is the distinction with unhealthy for each person? Toll addresses this. The finest of this healthy version. Fritz’s senior and junior. Primary and secondary.
* Re, talk with Charlie, his reminder that he and we can be in the future instead (or the past, but mostly the future
* The persistent story, conditioning, dan? That the future will be where we find happiness
* The ego’s compulsion to ego-plan and figure it out for the future
* And chronicling what else takes us “out” highjacks us, each person to know their s
* Catching ourselves over and over, busting oursleves
* And conversely, making the new and here RICH, textured, multidimensional, fulfilling.
* Here are ways we are not ISHERENOW:
* Is it judging, or inferiority, or futurizing, or pastizing, or default, or what?! What is the inner dialogue, what are the subs saying to you, if you could externalize this in a theatre piece, figuring it out, staying in story instead of tolerating raw sensations, thinking!, believing your thoughts, it is not ok, this shouldn’t be happening, what the fuck, this could or should be better, more!, I need more, muttering in head, this is painful, ego-planning, forcing current, needing approval,


* Unique selling points and Big picture overview and The two options:
* You must interview to get in!
* Include a Spotify playlist sampler with my sales letter and web page.. and mt stats
* This is a collaboration. I am not the guru teacher. I am just further down thesis portal. Where are the ways that I will encourage you to collaborate with me/us
* How to make the repent not hokum, but rich and dimesional
* Tell a story each time, and use humor and self-revealing eachtiem
* Habit graduation
* Guess yoga teachers each day
* From texting and texting to nowing
* Highly experiential, hybrid learning
* The best of the classic eastern meditation retreat (list) and the western retreat (“Let’s do things!) (ala raphael)
* Friday night thru Sunday noon
* Friday night thru Friday noon, with vision quest/solo on land
* one or two nights… or stay silently in the lodge
* Heavy emphasis on integration (all day Thursday and Friday)
* Heavy emphasis on experiential (I am the catalyst, guide, but not the teacher like swami
* Alternating yang and yin, being and doing, male and female, consciously to learn this rhythmic and how it applies to the theme
* What I will tell them about me was;king my talk
* Raps from me: change this to experiences!! Ala shatkiti. Read poem, to music, invite them into it.

EnneaThought® for the Day

Type Five EnneaThought® for February 1st
Remember, when you are Present you place your attention on what is occurring now all around you, not focused on past, present, or future. Be aware of this today. (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 47)
Type Seven EnneaThought® for February 1st
Remember, when you are Present you are deeply touched by impressions of life around you. Be aware of this today. (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 47)
* When silent, and slowed down, and flowing , can receive guidance only really then, when sauntering along
* Use the word we are Unconscious 99.9% of everyday!!
* Toll speaks with pauses,,.. and then will say, “what dopes mean.” And repeats
* Recently, I was told about the idea of “habit graduation.” That is, graduating from your current habit to one level higher. Basically, habit graduation is about increasing your average speed.
* If your average speed is eating three healthy meals per week, can you “graduate” that to one healthy meal per day?
* If your average speed is exercising twice per month, can you “graduate” that to once per week?
* If your job is crazy and you only talk to your old friends on the phone once every three months, can you schedule those calls into your calendar and “graduate” that habit to once per month?
* You get the idea. Habit graduation is about considering your goals and your current average speed, and thinking about how you can increase your output by just a little bit on a consistent basis.
* The localized self and the nonloalized self… and the localized and non localized field.. and how reaction is the local self reacting to the local field, etc and how finding isherenow richer is partly the nonlocal self finding the nonlocal field riches in the presene




* 1-25-18: what are hidden riches here? (Thru feeling, sensing, intuiting, even imagining)
* 1-24-18: abra-badabra: wholeness is now here — poof!
* 1-20-18: how can I serve the deep field emerging now here
* Siddaq: what’s alive for me (but not just id this, but enter its riches, dimensions and textures)



breathing in as a group together in 5 countds, then om for 5 countds out, consciously exploring harmonization each time, teaching about 3rd and 5th and octaves

* move into circle with just upper arms touching, and breathing together, feeling the contact of the arms rise and fall together

The power of dyads be sure to include level 4 listening, and reflecting back, and how can each other support each other thru the day/week?
* Should it be only lightly structured each day, letting them vote with stickie the night before?? And they have options for different typologies. And always including Nature as the big deal. The real trqacher, but also coming together as a community twice away to ground into the experience together an learn form each other.
* Opening the whole thing with landing, context, grou8nding in… again a d again
* Intersperse things with quotes, FA, pieces of poem,
* Sunday am — have them experience the 5:3 m in bed with music and continuum movment
* Live musicians — rob, Bross, shanti, Danae, etc
* Don’t talk at them, guide thru an experience where they discover their own meaning, like shanti did, and read lots of poems … to powerful music… my poems and Bly’s book
* Lots of touch: if your hands are wanting to give, heal, massage, then go here, if you are wanting ….
* Praying or invocation before and after each session
* Do stuff to heartland and did daernell
* Evening of blind contact improv, invite the couple to lead it as guests. They are blindfolded. Another night could be blindfolded trench dance journey
* They will be outdoors a lot, or most of the day, how to do this, give assignment ala susan Becchio, have a way to integrate it thru my tough questions (how will this change your routine, how will you handle your spouse different, etc). So this decreased the pressure eon me—nature is the tacher and healer.
* Lots of contact!
* Back to back, who wants to give and receive 5 min touch,
* Use contact guidelines, make it very safe, and safe NOT to
* optional evening session
* in main hall, I will play one of my Spotify playlists, listed on sheet for them to vote with stickies before eery session… then dancing, contact, lying, silent, journaling on their sheets, and what is coming unlike the joy for example?
* (others can do other things in attic, or meet in bedroom around a theme
* Very cool for them to self-organize around interest groups for disci=uss or practice, or for new leaders to emerge (what you teach, yah learn)
* WOW: in trios, one held and soothed with one witness:
* Use “so much magnificence over and over, context this, some may want to watch form the side, different attachment disorders, going into the psyche of where we are missing the isherenow
* Guest yoga teachers each day, and ask them their answer to ISHERENOW
* Give folks a morning paretic coach of yoga, or ?? Or >??
* The top three inquires only for all days… and use them as “light bulbs, flash>boom:
* Wholeness is now here, how?
* How can I serve to deepen the field emerging
* What makes the ISHERENOW so deep and rich
* How swami led mediation: in 4 stages:
* Watch thoughts > pineal glean focus on higher soul/self > ask a question of it (in this case, what is non attachment, non reactivity,a nd how can I practice it more fully in everyday > 2 mins of praying and gratitude
* I should lead them, guide them thru my mediation stages on how to contact isherenow
* Am I present, or why not?
* What are the riches of isherenow?
* Scan for discomfort, disturbance, subtle suffering, anxiousness…so you can deal with it,
* Mini-infusions and gifts
* Alchemizing nesting into NOWING
* Seeing the world in colors instead of mind’s b/w.
* In the NOW
* Read my poems, especially New Years poem
* From texting and texting to nowing
* Meditation and mindfulnesses on the riches of here
* Play various Byron Katie’s on the riches of here… and ask folks to share when they have entered this (like first thing in first am meeting)…hearing ewach other should inspire
* Random gongs > silence… and in that silence can play BK excerpt, or swami breathing, or breathing music, etc
* Swami breathing with tennis balls
* Choice: do you want to enter BE HERE NOW thru dance or mediation or mindfulness activity?
* Do my version of yoga!! Remember how different all the teachers are… there is no one form that is correct… you can sue it to slip in the 5 count breathing… so EACH movement starts with a inhale, and exhale, 2.3,4.5.. and only then Teach the power off the 5 count
* Do 23rd psalm walking in circle together, repeating, have printouts for them walking side by side, three of them sharing the ppirntout
* Awarnesss of hypomania: deliberately induce hypomanic state they music, building into dance and high
* Let them choose each timer whether they want to enter the herenow thru dance in big room or thru mediation quiet yin in upper attic
* Play them choice excerpts from 1000s names for joy…especially there ones where she is going to the shower she thinks, but can never know…like chap 71 or 68 0r 80
* Do my guided journey mediation embodiments ala holy spits, like I do for clients,
* Myofascial release with tennis balls > breathing > healing > music > dedication of merit
* See my list on esalen
* Journaling after each session and sharing the one thing
* Conscious hypomania
* Hot seat one person?
* Get outside most of the each day with susan b assignments
* Can be blindfolded dance or other things blindfolded
* Do whirring! To the playlist whirling
* Can do breathing session ala me and Charlie
* Can do susan b nature inquiry and walks!!Standing in dyads or triads and one ask the other over and over: “what’s here” and what they learned from this
* Move toward this wall if you are feeling …
* Put a sticker on the chart where you are ….
* Use art work ala in breathing circle
* Breathing journey ala men’s trretreat
* Blindfolded… and add contact? And/or trance dancing (how this is the theme!)
* What is your unique story of future fulfillment?
* Do Shane’s healing presence audio and cut it off before the sleep portion
* Or make your own version of this!
* Do swami breathing CD all thru, 5x day, surprise them when eating etc
* To slow one, do basic tai chi motion; to mid, do finishing motion of tai chi > evolving into fast, force-form tai chi; fast, do the pull fists into chest and radiate out on the exhale
* Do the breathing slow playlist … with you editing infant in the continuum motions you organically so, and transmit to them as a way they can experiment and see if it works for them
* Also do the breathing slow playlist while standing and moving, tail chi etc
* At beginning of meeting, they each report the riches they are entering in between things
* Friday night arriving: tribal dance shakeout travel, old world, shed skin?
* Some meals in silence
* Active shaking and shimmering
* Consciously connecting with others and then not
* What are your NEEDS you can reel, like belonging,


* Talk to raphael at the goldilocks of how many hours per day?
* Fri pm:
* Sat am: (folks will straggle in): when do we start? What about different sleeping styles? read them my download on the big picture above, and invite them to gentle ask me
* Sat aft be here now session
* Sat pm blindfolded activities
* Sun am
* Sun aft
* Sun pm
* Mon am: smaller group, launch solos
* Mon aft: off?
* Mon pm: off?
* Tues am: first group returns from solo
* Tues aft
* tues pm
* Wed am: second group returns from solo
* Wed aft
* Wed pm
* Thurs am integration #1
* Thurs aft integration #2
* Thurs pm: integration #3
* Fri am: final, final gathering..they leave…clean-up
* Integrations:
* How am I walking my talk: will build their awareness of themselves too
* Hand out paper and pen if they don’t have a journal, and the big sheet, and pen around. Room
* After each session, have them do double, and add insights, notes and “downloads to their sheet
* They log on their sheet when they catch themselves “anticipating” (even the next module
* Can log on their sheets anything they want, use secret cde?

Notes to Self:

the power of DEVOTIONAL (devotional to beauty, nayure, presecne, hidden riches)

start off ala life bridhge, acknowledging that all emotional sates probably exist here (and are any of them suffering and need to talk) … if you  are “IN IT”!

swamiji TEACHES…”try to go into and fell DEVOTED” … he is empathic with wordsw

I lead off with confessing my not being present and what took me out > they confess > the r3velatory space (what I/they have have been revealed to us about the riches of the inherenow
* And confess judgements: of self, others and the group process
* Place a “box” in dining where they can ask questions, make comments, offer suggestions, compliant, compliment, etc
* From texting and texting to nowing
* On music is so idiosyncratic (use ear plugs) or leave), not personal, use wife as example, and also how I have selected these playlist
* On integratiin, and how we will weave it in throughout, hand out sheet
* What be here now means at depths, dimensions Alamass, 1-10
* What a “download” is, and how it comes when being here and now
* How silence is connected to the riches of BHN.. and receiving lowlands, insights, inspirations, nudges, which they should track on the sheet
* Going from 2D to 3D to spherical consciousness… and the present HERE from B/W > colors!
* This is a fundamental paradigm shift in your priorities, valuing, what is important, what you value, where you are placing your awareness, what you are practicing (seeking?), do you believe that this is the the most important thing you can do to have a rich meaningful generative life? Is this more important than all your other practices? More important than questioning your thoughts?
* How do I use humor very day, every session… have a story prepared for each session… research from web… use pastor’s story of the guy that lovedLee Iacoka, but drove a ford
* Another funny: the comedian demo giving two choices to the three different kids would are exhausted but refusing to sleep (one negotiates, one takes the spanking, one says no)