Simple (but brilliant) way to “remember” what’s most important to you throughout the day

Another power tip on becoming more
aware, present, productive.

How I stumbled on a way to remind myself to “take a break” that actually works (after trying for 3 years):

Almost ONE BILLION PEOPLE have searched google for “take a work break.” Just type that phrase in, and see for yourself.

But you probably already realize the power and renewal of “taking a break.”

We don’t need the latest neuroscience research telling us that frequent micro-breaks throughout the day promote well-being for our brain and nervous system (ie, us).

We might take that break to pull our heads out of the computer eating us alive …

Or maybe we take a break to wake us up from being lost one more time in our egoic trance … and to become present with this moment.

Have you lusted after these micro-breaks–enough to try to set a reminder/alarm on your phone or computer?
Well, I have. For years, I have been experimenting with options.

I have even bought, installed, and tried out many different “mindfulness” or “reminder” apps.


Each reminder system — however creative, clever, and well-designed– INTERRUPTED ME.

Ugh, I was interrupted in my workflow.

As much as I appreciated being reminded that once again I had lost myself in my email inbox, and that it might be a good idea to push back from the screen, stretch, take a deep breath, and focus on the present moment … I still felt interrupted.

I tried to get over the feeling of interrupted. I would force myself to “take a break” even if interrupted.

Then I stumbled upon my own discovery that worked.
I noticed how many times a day I reached for my smart phone. I noticed that in that very moment I had chosen to transition from one task (whatever I was doing) to my new task on the phone. So I was not being interrupted.

I simply made a vow to take a micro-break each time
I had to enter my phone passcode.

Here are the 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Change the passcode on your smart phone, to slow you down just a tad. (If you do not use a passcode, good luck when you might lose your phone! And good luck with this technique!).

Step 2: Simply make a commitment, intention, or vow (choose your favorite) to take a micro-break each time you enter your phone passcode. It can be as simple, easy, and fast as a single intentional breath

Step 3: The very next time you have to enter your passcode, have fun choosing the kind of micro-break you want to take! (how long? to what purpose? stand up? include your body? add a spiritual quality? etc)

I’ll write more on the yummy choices and rewards of a micro-break later.

If you try this “reminder system,” please reply to this email to let me know how it goes. I am so curious what works for you … or doesn’t.

In the power of being reminded of who we are,

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