Testimonial from Richard Shane, Ph.D.


Dr. Richard Shane
Founder, Sleep Easily

I have been practicing many different forms of inner awareness for decades. Dr. Wiedemann has come up with a form, the Flash Shift, that is simpler and quicker than just about any awareness process I’ve ever experienced. It can be used in its most basic way for stress reduction, even in the midst of a busy day. However, it can also be used to experience well-being on much deeper levels.

I highly respect Dr. Wiedemann’s ability to make this so simple to learn and use, and so clear that it doesn’t require beliefs. This makes the Flash Shift appealing to the mainstream public, so it is compatible to anyone for whom religion or spirituality is part of their life, and is compatible for anyone for whom religion or spirituality is not part of their life.

I learned the Flash Shift during a particularly challenging phase of my life. I absolutely credit it for helping me move through that phase with much greater ease and clarity.

You owe it to yourself learn the Flash Shift — to deepen your feeling of well-being in your personal and business life, and to increase your productivity and ease in life.

Richard Shane, Ph.D.
Developer of the Sleep Easily method