Stop IMPATIENCE from corroding your nervous system

context: this continues the series on
how much can you transform yourself,
your mood, your quality of
well-being in 12 seconds.
this power tip: how to use the burst
of Power with your impatience
P.S. if you would rather see my 1:54 min video than read this, see the video here.

To the impatient part of you,

As I use the burst of Power, in 12-seconds, multiple times everyday, I notice I’ve become attuned to the quality of my moment-to-moment experience —
am I flowing or agitated?
Hey, feeling agitated comes in many shapes and colors, right?!
One of the main agitations for me is that familiar, kinesthetic sense of impatience. You too?
I can sense how impatience corrodes my nervous system — I feel raw, jagged, irritable, edgy. Like too much caffeine.
My impatience is accompanied by a sense of pressure, urgency, drive to hurry up, desire to be doing something else, and urge to push/force through.
Since impatience corrodes our nervous system like this everyday, it behooves us to learn to handle it. That we could all become the impatience-whisperer!
Here’s how I caught my impatience, and how I restored my calm:
  • I’m preparing my lunch to go with me for the day.
  • I notice feeling impatient with opening the can of beans to put on my salad!
  • I want to be done with this menial task, and out in my day, doing something grand, or writing this for you :).
  • I have trained myself to catch this sense of impatience.
  • Immediately, without questioning, I engage the burst of Power for 12-seconds.
  • As I draw in that life-giving inhale and enjoy the release of the exhale, my nervous system is restored to flowing with the present moment.
  • In fact, I actually feel I am grateful to have a can of beans to go on my salad :).
  • See my quick 1:54 min video here


Test drive it yourself:

Step 1: Notice
Next time you are impatient, pushing the river, or forcing time, notice that raw, agitated feeling in your nervous system

Step 2: Ground
Now stand up and feel your feet on the floor, even connecting with the earth beneath the floor.

Step 3: Inhale up from the earth for 6 seconds
Inhale air slowly from the earth … through your feet … up the inside of your body … through your heart … and flowering just beyond your head (taking about 5-6 seconds to savor this entire, slow inhale).

Step 4: Exhale as a shower of release for 6 seconds
Feel the exhale showering down and around you, as if naked in a warm shower of release, goodness and well-being.
How do you feel now?
Did you get value from this?
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