How much can you transform yourself in 12 seconds? GO!

torus 4To the part of you that loves transformation! 

In 12 seconds, how much can you transform yourself, your mood, your quality of well-being. 


How did you “do?”

It’s surprising to me I would care deeply about 12 seconds of transformation.

On the contrary, I have spent the last 40+ years working with clients on their long-term, slow, deep character transformation, and trudging on my own psycho-spiritual path.

But now I care deeply about 12 seconds … FOR my own transformation, … FOR your possibilities of transformation, … and FOR the transformation needed at this time for the Great Turning of our mad world.

We all need practical (very practical!), quick, easy, fun ways to get re-connected to our self, our essential vitality and well-being … despite the demand, overload and stress of our everyday … so we can be, do, teach, heal, help, and contribute at our best.

After years of spiritual seeking, the smallest unit of practical transformation that I’ve come to respect is a single breath, but

A very certain kind of single breath.

A certain, single breath that goes way beyond the cliché “just relax and take a deep breath.”

I don’t know of anything smaller that can affect practical transformation than this certain, single breath.

And I actually don’t think anything larger may be needed, assuming that we set our expectations to small, rapid shifts to well-being repeatedly through the day.

We have come to this re-statement: how deeply can this transform us — a single breath power-packed with master switches to specifically activate our body, heart, mind and Spirit.

Let me share the first of ten master switches that can make such a “12 second refresh” powerful enough to shift you.

Test drive it yourself:

Step 1: Attune

To do this justice, first you have to attune internally:

sense where you are on a “scale” of inner Well-Being (from 1-10).

Step 2: Ground

Now stand up and feel your feet on the floor, even connecting with the earth beneath the floor.

Step 3: Inhale like this

Inhale air slowly from the earth … through your feet … up the inside of your body … through your heart … and flowering just beyond your head (taking about 5-6 seconds to savor this entire, slow inhale).

  — but only do an inhale of 3-4 seconds if you’re not used to deep breathing, it seems difficult or brings up anxiety. 5 to 6 seconds is optimal for evidence-based reasons I’ll explain in the footnote.

Step 4: Exhale like this

Feel the exhale showering down and around you, as if naked in a warm shower of release, goodness and well-being.

Step 5: Repeat with depth

Since this is a skill, a capacity, in fact a vital life skill, give yourself the opportunity to experience it again, with the following special awareness:

  1. Let yourself go beyond the cliché of “just take a deep breath.” 
  2. Really draw the life force up from the earth, through the center of your body, flower just above your head … and then on the exhale showering down around you in goodness, release and well-being. 
  3. Allow yourself to soak in the deeper meaning of what you are doing. 
  4. Since we’re seeing how much transformation is possible in a single breath, bring ALL of your whole Being to engage with this (relax, it only takes 12 seconds of your time!)

Now repeat the 12 second special breathing, with total awareness, engagement, and focus

Step 6: Re-attune to your well-being

Now again attune to your internal sense of well-being. Now where are you on the scale of 1-10? I hope and trust you are at least one point higher, maybe more. In 12 seconds.

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Footnote: for the evidence-based research that 5-6 second inhales and exhales are the optimal breath, please review this book of clinical research by two Harvard MDs called The Healing Power of the Breath (here)