FAQ: what about these tiny bursts of anxiety?


“I have noticed these tiny bursts of anxiety, no matter how present & aware I may be!”

Here’s a stream of consciousness from a client about these tiny bursts of anxiety. 

I think you’ll know exactly what she is saying, but maybe you’ve never put it into words before:

“So I’ll have these little bursts of anxiety or terror or existential crisis. 

Or I’ll think: ‘what should I be doing now, or thinking, or is something going to get me.’

And I am trying to retrain my brain. So that even if I’m having this tiny burst of anxiety, at another level, I’m right here, right now.

You know for example I think ‘Oh My God, what if I don’t have enough money this month, or maybe my partner doesn’t really love me,’ …  and I’ll start going down that rabbit hole — but I’ll catch it! 

And I’ll use these moments to retrain my brain. 

I’ll say: “Okay that’s that, and you are breathing, and now your purpose is to stay connected. 

I realize that I am in my body and I am fortunate the sky is there.

I want to use these anxious moments as an exercise that I’m okay. I want to replace them with something more powerful and real.

So I do the 12 second recharge with these tiny bursts of anxiety. This way I get both the mental and the physical re-training. That’s a powerful combination to develop a new habit.

By adding the physical practice of the 12 second recharge, I am empowering a new habit. It’s almost like retraining myself like a Pavlovian dog. When I feel stressed, I reach for the 12 second recharge. 

And in this way, I’m enjoying life in the small beautiful moments … in the small beautiful ways.

I’m replacing tiny bursts of anxiety with small beautiful moments.

When something pulls me into the rabbit hole or the grind, I can always break out. 

I have this way to bring me back into the beautiful ways of life unfolding right now.”

The Moral of this story for me:

Mastering tiny moments of anxiety is a vital prerequisite for handling the larger anxieties of this world. Challenge yourself to embody inner and outer healing and peace throughout each day. The world needs your conscious, healing energies hourly.

Now your turn:

Just take 30 seconds to share with me about a tiny burst of anxiety you’ve noticed, and what you did about it (hit reply, or comment on social media, or email me [email protected])


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