6 False Expectations To Ruin Your Flashing Awake

For students at all levels of Flashing Awake (beginning, intermediate, advanced)

p.s. I am just Flashing Awake as I compose this for you. I invite you to Flash Awake one minute before you read it. If you do so, you will reap the rewards of this wisdom going deeper into your soul


The power of Flashing Awake will deliver so many delicious results to you
… but only if you release it from the prison of these false expectations:

  1. I expect I should be able to hold onto the effects for hours.

We can all too easily go after Flashing Awake as we do most of our ego-driven, results oriented approach. We want it now, we want it big, and we want it forever. Haha, nice fantasy (for anything)! Just enjoy the momentarily effects you get of feeling more present, connected, loving, (and/or centering, balanced, focused, clear). It will not last: 5-10-60 minutes from now, you will be back in the fray, probably lost down another rabbit hole. Love your minute of Flashing Awake from your fixations.

  1. If expect if I do it right or perfect than my results will be bigger, better.

It is so easy for the inner critic to get all twisted into Flashing Awake. Notice when it is activated, because it will kill the subtle openings of Flashing Awake. Don’t push yourself, compare yourself, try too hard, strive for perfection. On the other hand, you do need to apply yourself. You do need to count all 5 Flash Awake breaths, and focus for this one minute on what you are receiving. An attitude of curiosity, creativity, and play is the most helpful.

  1. I expect that every Flash Awake will bring me a transcendent state.

We are conditioned that transcendental states like bliss, joy, and compassion are better than ordinary presence. You may or may not have a transcendental feeling during a particular flash awake, but that is not the goal. It will happen more frequently the more you understand the depth of the Flash Awake, the more you practice it, and the more months and years you engage with its power. But for now, know that feeling even a trace of results is good enough. Imagine a WOW scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being a total wow. Any particular Flash Awake may bring you a 1 or a 5 or a 10. No big deal. Embrace it all. Love it all.

  1. I expect that Flashing Awake over time will bring enlightenment, or at least make my life challenges go away.

Our culture perpetrates the fantasy that some magical technique, state of enlightenment, or trick can make Life all better—no more challenges, suffering, problems. The immature part of our childhood psychology latches onto this—ah, back to the womb where everything was taken care of. By Flashing Awake, you will become more present, connected, and loving precisely to better deal with life’s unstoppable challenges (your partner slips on black ice, a parent dies, you get a medical diagnosis). Remember all of the enlightened gurus that died of cancer. I am not being morbid here, just real. The Flash Awake helps you deal with Life-As-It-Is in a present, connected, loving way.

  1. I expect that it will do it for me, and I don’t have to put myself into it.

Another back-to-the-womb fantasy. No magic will “do it for you.” But how fun that the universe is constructed in such a way that you get to participate. What you shine your flashlight on reveals itself from the dark. Your part in Flashing Awake is to apply yourself. Hold the one minute as a sacred time. Commit yourself to this one minute. Count and do all 5 breaths. Put your previous task on hold. Open to a new influx of energy. Slow down. Be willing to open as you focus on Flashing Awake.

    6. I expect that my conditioned mind will not resist this.

Ha, resistance will come in many forms. The old-reptilian-survival part of the brain will tell you it has to stay focused on your fear. Your ADD will tell you there’s a better shiny object over there. Your striving ego will tell you that you don’t have time for even one minute. Your conditioned mind will wander off doing the 5 breaths. So it is best if you know these resistances ahead of time, and just Flash Awake each time, past the resistances, anyway.

Beyond these false expectations, see what it can do for you. These are examples are direct from the throes of real life.