Top 10 Ways … to get the most out of the daily texting service



Starting out with our proprietary, daily texting service? (if you don’t know about it, info is here).

Again, my core promise to you is this — you will be able to feel more present, connected and loving, in your mind-body-Spirit, in one minute. 

A lot to promise … so stay with me 🙂

This daily proprietary text message is (oh so) different and fun than meditation, doing affirmations, journaling, conventional “mindfulness”  or other familiar ways you may be using for “awareness.”

 (haha, I couldn’t do this in a text 🙂

  • 1. Heads up: the ego (or the part of you that is so intent on always doing, doing, doing) may feel interrupted when a text comes in. It may not want to stop and do the simple, rewarding Flash Awake. Just know this, so you do not stumble here. Think of the Flash Awake text as an incredibly valuable “pattern interrupt” — interrupting whatever you may be fixated on (ie, lost).Experiment with Flashing Awake anyway, and find out what happens!
  • 2. Just so you know, your daily messages have been developed in such a way that if you miss a day, or can’t get to one (say you are driving), don’t fret. You will have the text messages stored on your phone, so whenever you have a chance you can get back to them. Or maybe you won’t “get back to it.” Just re-start with the next text (or next one). You get the picture: this si NOT an intense  thing …  play with it. Don’t let your inner critic get involved. Enjoy it when you do, or can.
  • 3. Speaking of setting the right expectations: even if you fanatically Flashed Awake 5-10-20 times a day (like me), you will not necessarily achieve enlightenment, change the external situations in your life, or feel better all the time! (Nothing does that other than a slow spiritual maturation process).
  • 4. The messages you will receive are intended to help you feel relief. Once you get past any egoic annoyance of being “interrupted,” and actually do the day’s Flash Awake, you will experience relief (assuming you applied yourself to the directions).
  • 5. Train yourself so that just hearing the ping of the incoming text can be an automatic trigger to feel cared for, presented with an opportunity to go to a larger perspective! Over time, you can find yourself automatically taking deep breaths, or becoming more present. Or just smiling at the reminder that there is a vast realm of spiritual truth just bubbling beyond whatever you currently are fixated on. 
  • 6. Please know that as simple as the texts may seem, I personally labor over each one, to keep them fresh, relevant, effective, and caring. 
  • 7. Each text is a REMINDER … but also an EXPERIENCE of a different, fun, interesting way to Flash Awake to Presence, Connection, and Love, (and gratitude, truth, healing, relief, etc!). 
  • 8. Your part is just to stop whatever you are doing (when you can), and instead, Flash Awake for about 1 minute (or as soon as you can when a text comes in). Mini-awakenings are yours! 
  • 9. The results? Not only the pleasure of waking up to the magic of this moment each day, but also the cumulative effect over time of finding yourself indeed more awake, alive, connected (the Flash Awake re-wires the neuro-connectivity of your brain, but more on that later :).
  • 10. If you want to text me questions, comments, feedback (which I LOVE), you must text me at 303-619-1980 (i.e., do NOT try to reply to the same texts you get).

Blessings on feeling Presence, Connection and Love — all around, in, through, and amidst us right now,

Smiling and appreciating you, Frederic


Dr. Wiedemann
[email protected]