The power of allowing your inhale to flower in a smile

flowering earht to sky

Way beyond “just take a deep breath” …
your inhale flowers in a smile

P.S. if you would rather watch my 2:34 min video, filmed in Nature, it’s here

Call it my obsession, my irrational passion.

As the inventor of a fast way to recharge your energy, clarity and well-being, I have spent years putting together the “master switches” for the 12 second Recharge.

I call the elements layered into the 12-second Recharge master switches because each one has been carefully chosen and tested to generate a healing response in your mind-body-Spirit.

Today I want to talk about one of the most important Master Switches layered in:

Allow the 6-second inhale, up from the Earth,
to flower into a smile. 

I chose the Nature setting for my video because I want you to see visually — and get energetically — that Nature grows from the earth up to the sky

All the plants, all the trees, everything in Nature grows upward (even mountains are being thrust upward!). 

To go with this energy flow is a very powerful master switch for the 12-second Recharge.

That’s exactly what we are doing on the inhale:

We’re feeling our feet on the earth, inhaling up from the earth, breathing up inside the center of the body, like nutrients traveling up a stem or trunk.

Then we allow the energy/breath/inhale to “flower.”

I talk about the inhale (with its potent life force) flowering in your heart, in your head, and just beyond your head.

In the 12-second Recharge, the flower is your smile. 

Your smile is such a crucial part of this recharge experience because whether you feel like smiling or not, when you do smile, then you’re releasing endorphins and dopamines in your body, in your brain, and allowing that sense of release and freedom and joy that occurs with a smile.

Try it now with added insight:

1. Feel your feet on the earth.

2. Breath up from the earth inside your body slowly.

3. At the top/end of the inhale, allow it to naturally flower into your smile.

Ha, try the above practice with and without your smile — to experience why your smile is so much more powerful, is such a master switch.

 Bottom-line: every time you do your 12-second recharge, let the inhale flower in your smile