The Flash is the way that God/Universe _________ (fill in the blank).


How would you fill in the blank in this sentence:

the Flash is the way that God/Universe is _________________ ?

I would love to hear your answer in the comments below.

Before I share my answer, I just have to say that blogs are a nice thing for a guy like me: I know that a ton of people will NOT read it; and I am NOT trying to sell anything.

I can be myself. I can be as deep as I am … which is deep.

In contrast to sales copywriting, in a blog I do not have to dumb down the powerful truths that continue to flash through me about the Flash. Like this:

The Flash is the way that Source (God, All That IS, True Nature, Universe) is intimate with us.

We have all had exactly this intimacy with the Universe, through a flash. After all, our inspirations come to us in a flash.

Or maybe it is a particularly bold sunset – suddenly we are spiritually connected. Perhaps in a flash we feel a kinship with all of life as we play with our kids or grandkids.

We have all had these magically moments in a flash. In these moments, the magic is of being transported out of our habitual, contracted perspective, into the vastness of the love surrounding us. Big things, even, can come to us intimately in a flash: Goodness, Truth, Beauty.

On an even more astounding level, quantum energy happens in a flash.

Quantum physicists have measured electrons appearing, and disappearing, and re-appearing in a flash.

I will repeat: electrons are appearing, and disappearing, and re-appearing… in a flash … right now.

Here is my punch lines:

If the flash is the way that the Source works, and the way Source is intimate, and communicates, with us … shouldn’t we make use of this “universal technology” in our daily lives?

Being able to engage the Flash is a learnable skill. The Flash has already “happened” to us; if we choose, we can engage it now with awareness and intent.

These last years I have fashioned a “flash technology,” so we can engage in The Flash ever day, ever hour if we choose.  Engaging the Flash throughout the day is a fast, fun, easy way to stay connected to the primordial powers that sourced us. When we are connected to that primordial power, we can nimbly re-group, re-focus, re-connect, and re-charge our vital energies throughout every day.

If we are not attuned to the flash, we will miss the way that God/Universe is trying to be to us.

I could put my point humorously: if we want the best, we better be on our flash-toes.

P.S. In the comments below, let me know anything that will help us evolve the understanding and use of the Flash for the benefit of all … or any other thoughts!