Sync Up with Source Energy


 “Sync Up” with Source Energy … Easily & Tangibly 

THEN, can you

  • Co-create your goals, dreams, and manifesting with this Primordial Power (rather than just your separate self!)
  • Get flashes of insight and clarity
  • Get inspiration for everyday challenges
  • Discover your True Nature


on Sat Feb 15

10:30 am to 12:30 pm

421 21st Avenue in Longmont

Suggested Donation $10

Led By Frederic Wiedemann, PhD
41 years of wisdom, insight & experience as therapist, coach, guide & seeker 


We all know intellectually that Source (God, Spirit, True Nature, Universe, Higher Power) permeates, penetrates, and fills everything, everywhere, at all times, including right here, right now. Omnipresence! But how often do we connect with this tangibly?

We have also experienced that we are the most happy, creative, and fulfilled when we break out of our default separate, encapsulated, constricted egoic self – to connect with this Greater Intelligence. In the magic from “I” to “WE,” we can now co-create our goals, dreams, and inspired life with Spirit.

But how can you stay in touch with this Power, Wisdom & Love … easily … on a daily basis?! You have tried many ways including mediation, affirmations, tapping, and visualizations, right? The “flash shift” taught in this workshop offers an answer — a fast, fun, easy way to sync up tangibly with Spirit anytime you want. Daily. Hourly. 

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