Testimonial from Steven Miller, J.D.


I have been a student of Dr. Wiedemann’s for over 20 years, and continue to get results with each session or training. He has a powerful way of thinking out of the box that gives me value as an entrepreneur, family man, and spiritual seeker.

During a recent outdoor VIP training day in the Rocky Mountains, he taught me the flash shift. As a fan of Echart Tolle’s work and as a daily meditator, the flash shift was simple to learn. Yet I don’t think that you have to have any particular spiritual practice to benefit from the flash shift.

We also spent valuable time applying the flash shift to all of the life situations I would face as I returned to my home, so that it would flow easily.

I can describe the significance of the flash shift as a portable “tool” anyone can utilize — to create an almost IMMEDIATE sense of inner peace, relaxation, clarity, and grounding.

Call it a “natural fix” or a breath of fresh air, it allows us to call “time out” in our hectic lives, in an instant, and restore ourselves.

If you like the concept of simplicity, quick to implement, yet so powerful, the Flash Shift is for you.

Steven L. Miller J.D.
Attorney at Law