Testimonial from Life Coach Maggie McReynolds

maggieI’ve been a life coach for several years and am well-versed in all kinds of modalities for visualization, relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis. That said, Frederic’s Flash Shift combines all of these in a fresh and remarkably effective way. Following Frederic’s instructions, I have been able to boost my energy, bliss out, re-connect to the Universe, and THEN return to my tasks … with a renewed sense of calm and focus, all in just a few moments.

Being able to enrich my soul in this both deeply spiritual and surprisingly matter-of-fact way — any time I choose — is a tremendous gift in my life, and has brought about many changes in my business, my writing, and my emotional, as well as physical, health.

In my coaching practice, I find this a powerful teaching tool to help my clients let go of their stories and stress, ground themselves, open up to the present moment and what gifts are contained therein, and to return to and embrace themselves more joyfully, productively and consistently.

This is, quite simply, as natural and as essential as breathing. It’s also every bit as life-affirming.  Thanks, Frederic.

Maggie McReynolds
Life Coach
& Certified V.I.B.E. Coach at Raised Vibration