I am not saying that you will stay awake, only that you can …

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Dear beginning “Flashologist” :),

Hopefully you have been playing around with the Flash Awake for about three weeks now.
(If not, you can start the Flash Awake daily texting service right now.)
You are starting to realize its power, but also that even when you apply yourself fully for one minute, and have a really good Flash Awake, you still don’t stay awake, present, and aware!
What is going on here?
It happens to us every day, even every hour:
We get hypnotized by our TO-DOs …
and disconnected from our Spiritual Knowing,

like this:

  • You’re buried in your computer (again!), completely lost from the gift of the Present.
  • Your gnarly TO-DO list highjacks you again. What’s the damn Priority?!
  • You jam through the entire day without feeling a single glimpse of gratitude.
  • Your inner critic flares up again with the same-old “but this just isn’t good enough!”
  • You will not take the time to “reconnect,” but want that spiritual restoration.

This is a BIG problem because you will not evolve very far or fast without a solution.

Here’s the solution:

I believe that:

  • You can care deeply for your work, AND relationships, AND spiritual growth.
  • You want to be successful … while being awake and present too.
  • Living only from the separated, scared, driven, frustrated ego is painful (and not real).
  • It is possible to keep waking up throughout your workday, even when you keep going back into trance or ego.
But the usual ways we “re-connect” (meditate, affirm, visualize, “tap”) are not designed to wake us up throughout the day.

Enter the Flash Awake.

As you master it, you are able to become more present, connected, and loving…in your whole mind-body-Spirit…in one minute.

You have had these very results with the Flash Awake, I trust.

I am not saying that you will stay awake; but only that you can easily re-awaken  when you catch yourself inevitably in trance again.

How often have you been truly awake today?

That would be the exact number of times that you have Flashed Awake today.

I write this to motivate and inspire you … to stay with learning the Flash Awake.

Or show me a better, quickly, more holistic, profound way to re-awaken throughout your every day.

So let the magic unfold,


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