How To Feel More Connected (and how I missed this yesterday)

You feel a tap, tap on your shoulder. 

So, you pull your head out of your smart phone. It’s the Universe!

Has Universe/God/Source (or whatever you call It) tapped on your shoulder recently?

Or has it been a long time since you felt such an intimate connection?!

If you say, “Yes, it has been a long time,” well that is a painful (if truthful) realization. I’ve been there. How much better would your life flow if you were feeling that intimate connection every day?

Yes, we can learn how to better attune to this astonishing gift. It’s actually easier than you may imagine. No convoluted yoga poses in this blog-post, I promise!

Oh, the rewards!
When we are attuned, and feel the tap, tap, we may hear the Universe saying one of these to us:

 “Hey. I’m here. Remember me?

Yo, you are a part of Me.

Hi, I want to love on you for a moment

Hello, let’s connect up.

Ah, do you feel the beauty of this moment?”

Source/God/Universe is tapping on our shoulders throughout each day.

Don’t feel badly if you are not feeling it. Why, just yesterday I wasn’t. I was convinced I just had to figure out a piece of software for my upcoming webinar on the flash shift. If I were a horse, I would have been all lathered up, snorting my big nostrils, straining to pull the cart uphill, wide-eyed. In reality, I was just a small separate ego, forcing things.

Yet hearing (or sensing) this connection with the Universe satisfies a deep longing.

  • It feels good.
  • It inspires us to give our best.
  • It relaxes us in our striving.
  • It is an elixir.

When I feel that tap, I feel connected to an astounding Presence. In that moment, I am no longer lost in my constricted vision that I am a small, separate ego trying to make things happen for me, myself, and I.

Pop Quiz:

  • Can you identify when you lost an awareness of your Higher Power yesterday?
  • Alternatively, can you remember even one time yesterday that you felt the tap, tap on your shoulder … and felt connected to Source?

Many people are habitually and consistently “lost” from this life-giving, soul-satisfying intimacy with Source/God/Universe … most of the day. Yet …

We long to feel this intimacy with something bigger than just our self.

We yearn to feel a part of the Whole.

We want to feel loved … by the One.

Direct Experience to the rescue:
That is a painful gap. Connecting intimately with True Nature should not be abstract. Connecting is not theoretical. It is not a cumbersome “practice,” or a long-winded meditation, or a 4-step “formula.” It can be a direct experience. If you are not frequently feeling this direct experience of connected with the One, then you are missing a huge part of the richness (and purpose) of this Life.

Next time you are aware of that tap, tap from Source, experiment with some elements of the Flash Shift:

 Return the intimacy. Take a moment to bask in the exchange: slow your breathing down, inhale like you were breathing in the pungent scent of a Blue Spruce, deep in the mountain forest, on a cold, clear Autumn day. Fill yourself with a revelatory experience; sense an infusion of life force.

Now say “Hi,” back to Source … with your smile. Your smile beams out “Hello to you too. Thanks for remembering to connect. I love it when you drop by to say hi. I had forgotten you, but what a delight to have you stop by. There is no one I would rather be with right now.”

It is not so hard to do this in a flash.
It takes only some seconds of enlivening consciousness.
You are just exercising your True Nature. 

Less Lost.
More Aware.
More Joy.

 Heart, Frederic

Please leave a comment below: tell me how you feel the Universe tapping your shoulder? What do you imagine you would feel if it were more often? It’s easy to leave a comment below.

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