Having more ecstatic moments, regardless of externals …

Having more ecstatic moments, regardless of externals …

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Admit it. You love ecstatic moments. In their arms, somehow you feel you are Home. Wow, you’ve felt them throughout your life, here and there. But they are so elusive — easily lost in the flux and pressures of everyday tasks. Plus you don’t know of any easy, reliable way to feel them.

There is a way to feel more ecstatic moments, regardless of the “externals in your life” — sync yourself up with Source Energy.

When you are synced up with Source Energy, you can feel an ecstatic moment. While you may realize this is true, it seems like a tall order. You don’t know how to do that reliably. You meditate, affirm, visualize, tap … reaching out for those moments of connection with the Universe. But not consistently because you don’t “have time.” The results are never consistent either.

I assure you that by the end of this short post, you will know an easy way to begin syncing up with Source Energy, consistently if you choose. Let me show you how.

With this easy way, regardless of the yo-yo of external events and people in your day-to-day, you will be able to sync yourself with Source — the same Source that Big-Banged-Itself into a bio-psycho-spiritual cosmos … of unfathomable Mystery and Creativity.

We could have been born as sand on Mars, for example, or on a black/white planet.

But no, there’s color and Life and adventure here! We get to go on the wild ride of a cosmos progressively revealing its Essence to Itself.

Oh, we get to feel ecstatic moments whenever we can tangibly feel this Source Energy.

To begin to open yourself to more tangibly feel Source Energy, allow yourself to bask in this, beyond your ego or intellect:

Source (God, Spirit, True Nature, Universe, Higher Power) permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of everything, everywhere, at all times … including right here, right now.

Including YOU, reading this right here, right now.


Zoom Out … or Zoom In. Boom. Source Energy.

As you allow yourself to savor Omnipresence, can you feel yourself expanding (or suffusing) into It?

Feeling this tangibly is where the magic of ecstatic moments lies.

To open even more to syncing up with Source, it helps to appreciate these truths:

  • Syncing to Source is the basis of true fulfillment (not the false glitter of mere success).
  • Syncing to Source is the core of Awakening.
  • Syncing to Source is the foundation for manifesting.
  • Syncing to Source is the cosmic battery for our personal (and societal) renewal and resilience.
  • Syncing to Source is the only way to co-create our future together with Primordial Intelligence (an intelligence which knows how to create galaxies).

NOW, A BIG QUESTION: Given its radical power and value in your life, how often do you sync up and tangibly feel this Source Energy  in any given day?

Probably not often. “Gotta get my inbox handled. Got too much to do. My whole day is already planned out. Plus, I don’t know how.”

You may have tried many ways over the years to sync with Source, including meditation, affirmations, tapping, and visualizations, right? But they are somewhat cumbersome, hard to do in the thick of life, on the fly, difficult to sustain over time.

Well, let’s shift to a simple experiment to tangibly feel an ecstatic moment … or begin to open to one (depending on how buried, stressed, and disconnected your nervous system is, right now as you read this).

Play with this experiment for 18 seconds (can you “interrupt” yourself for 18 seconds from wherever you think you going so fast?)

1.Take a slower, fuller breathe through your nose, as you nod your head up and back slightly, taking in the vastness beyond your separate self, and allowing a smile to dawn on your lips, in your eyes as an appreciation of this (approx. 6 seconds)

2.Then savor your exhale, as you nod your head slightly forward, and allow this Source Energy to flow into your heart area (approx. 6 seconds)

[Option: repeat these specific inhales and exhales if you would like, because it feels good, and several repetitions will sync you with Source even more].

3.In the afterglow, be still and feel for your own answer to this “wondering” (approx. 6 seconds):

I wonder what ecstasy is present for me right here, right now? 

Punch-line: What glimpse of momentary ecstasy did you tangibly feel?!

May we all sync up with Source, and be grounded in ecstatic moments, easily throughout our lives,


P.S. in the comments below, please let me know about your ecstatic moments. If you tried the simple exercise above … what did you discover?