Finding The Hidden Treasures In Your Life Right Now

Finding The Hidden Treasures In Your Life Right Now

treasure on shoretreasure on shore

You see a tree out your office window that has always been there, only now you feel the dance of the wind moving through it ever so sensuously.

The life all around you is a gift. Your life is a treasure. Only you don’t notice most of the time.

There is buried treasure all around you … only you don’t notice it.

Yet a treasure that has been hidden from your awareness can slip into view for a moment – suddenly you are aware of the sound of children’s laughter in the other room.

But only for a moment, before you turn back to your email, and the magic dies out of your awareness.

Or maybe in the midst of a trying discussion with your spouse, you will be besieged by a sudden burst of humor – a grin cracks you open.

My point: you suddenly “get” the treasure of the moment. It seemingly comes unbidden. The buried treasure that was there all along (but hidden) is now revealed by a shift in your awareness.

But only for a moment, before you turn back to your deadline (yet another kind of shift of awareness). The treasures in your life disappear, again and again, under your sea of concern and pressure. They are lying, like buried treasure, at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Sure, you can put on a wet suit, hire a skiff to motor you out to the depths of the ocean, don scuba diving gear, swim your way down to the ocean floor, and search for the treasure.

That is what 20 to 30 minutes of meditation is like. Years of meditation has taught me that I do find the treasure, but I also recognized that I wanted to experience that treasured state throughout the day, not just sitting, but while “on the run.” Many in the meditation community have told me the same thing.

Scuba diving for the buried treasure on the ocean floor is also like many of the personal transformation and law of attraction techniques … maybe they work, but they sure are a lot of effort.

I want to be aware of the treasures in my work every day, in my loving every day, even every hour.

The flash shift washes the buried treasure ashore for us to get to it.

You can learn how to shift your awareness in a flash to the hidden treasures already present. The riches all around you (and inside you) begin to open up.

There is an unexpected benefit as well: suddenly your seeking, striving, and struggling for the treasure stop. Because you just found the treasure here, now –- no further effort is required.

At least in this moment. Before you turn back to your tunnel vision of what you think you have to do … to get what you think you need to possess … so you can experience the treasure that is already here, now.

How convoluted we human beings are!

We all do it. I do it. Again and again. I go back to the addiction of the future. Many times an hour, if it could be counted. So do you, if only you would become aware of it.

We fall under the tunnel vision that we have to work hard … to get the money … to pay for the things … that will give us (we think) the experience we deeply want – love, joy, a sense of connection, fulfillment.

Then I remember to flash shift again.

And there it is again. Behold — the treasure peeking out at me from this very moment. The gift could be anything: being grateful, remembering my body as a precious vessel, noticing the way the clouds look like angels, suddenly “getting” that I DO love my partner.

For another example, I can feel joy right now! I just breath a certain way, consciously use my mind to orient in a certain direction, drop into the heart, allow a smile to dawn (all within 10 seconds), and VOILA:

I can now notice the sense of joy that has been “hanging around,” just unnoticed in the tunnel vision of my striving for a “better future.”

When you learn the flash shift, you can have this experience as many times as you want, throughout your day.


As many times as you get high jacked into the seduction of a better future, just as many times you can go POOF … and land in the treasures all around you.

You can flash shift to one of your hidden treasures right now.

As you finish reading this, try just this experiment for 10 seconds. Here is enough of a flash shift appetizer to reveal a hidden treasure for you:

• Take a slower, fuller breathe as you allow a slight smile to dawn on your lips, in your eyes.

• Then savor your exhale, as you relax your awareness into your heart.

• (Option: repeat this if you would like, because it feels so good).

• In the afterglow, be still and listen to your own answer to this question:

What fulfillment is present for me right here, right now?