Each Flashing Awake is a Different Revelation

peeping thru

One of the cool things about Flashing Awake is how different each one is.

No Flashing Awake experience is ever the same!

Each one is revelatory.

Each moment you remember to turn your attention and intention to sensing the Living-Whole-Of-Everything, you are shown a different facet, dimension, aspect, experience, or essence of its infinite and eternal Nature.

For example: Flashing Awake at 7:03 AM …

You might get just how luscious it is to be a body, in this form, breathing a substance out-gassed from stars birthing.

Just how miraculous this is!

Yet sensual.

If you focus on this as you continue to breathe in and out about six seconds each, the sensual experience could turn almost sexual, as you can open to the orgasmic, built right into every breath.

Yes, this is one facet, dimension or essence of theLiving-Whole-Of-Everything.

What a joy to be able to experience this, rather than just read about it 🙂

For example, Flashing Awake at 10:07 AM …

It might come to you to ride the sensation of your inhale’s expansion out, out, out.

Into the universe.

Zoom. Boom: suddenly you’re out there, in the unifying field, so vast as to be the incarnation of Mystery itself.

Yet you can feel it pulsing, molting, transforming.

Another facet, dimension or essence of theLiving-Whole-Of-Everything.

For example, Flashing Awake at 2:47 PM …

Ah, it feels so good to take a break from work!

You realize how hard you have been jamming.

You have been squeezing yourself into your task.

In the process, you have lost perspective.

It’s good to kick back for a moment, and let everything else beside your task come rushing back into your consciousness.

Oh, you can now hear the bird warbling which is been there in the tree just beyond your computer.

You stretch open your hunched over shoulders.

Oh it’s good to look around, look up, see this sky out of the window.


You feel part of it all, part of the Living-Whole-Of-Everything.

Each Flashing Awake is a new revelation.

What will it be this time? And this time? This time?

So many ways to experience the richness of True Nature.

So many ways to delight at the depths of the Plenitude.