Don’t Despair: Here’s what YOU CAN DO to help heal the madness (surprised?)

 Gollum (1)

… but WHAT CAN I DO to help heal the human madness
in our beautiful world??!!

I continue to wrestle with this very question. 

Who, me?? Little ole me?? Make a difference in this teeming sea of complex extremisms??!!

Wrestling with this question, futile as it may seem,
lies at the heart of being HUMAN.

I have wrestled with this question for years … by myself, with my partner, in men’s groups, during conferences, in activism trainings, on hikes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, or at 2 AM.

I have come to different answers. I have taken on, and then shed, various activist causes. 

I have started non-profits. I have prayed, journaled, roared. I have dedicated myself to the healing professions for 40 years now. 

I always come back to this answer as ABSOLUTELY FOUNDATIONAL:

watch my 3:35 min video

(and break out of the flee or freeze response.
comment. dialogue. engage!)