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About the Author & Founder of the Flash Awake

Professionally, Frederic Wiedemann has a PhD in clinical psychology, a published book Between Two Worlds: The Riddle of Wholeness (Quest Books), and over 40 years in the trenches with thousands of clients as a therapist, coach, spiritual guide. Personally, he is committed to over 50 years of his own deep psycho-spiritual and shadow work, including a life-threatening mid-life crisis. Additionally he is an adventurer (drove a Triump 500 cc motorcycle from London to Deli), world traveler (43 countries, including Siberia), and  vision quester (over 10 solo vision quests in Nature). His life work in the "paradox of wholeness" and the "Unifying Field" has culminated in the Flash Awake, to answer his life-long search for how to access True Nature quickly, easily, and tangibly. He has synthesized his background in clinical psychology, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, somatic experience, yoga, professional dance and adventure into the Flash Awake.

My Shadow: "But I have also struggled for years with ADD and ADHD, and its almost compulsive search for peace and happiness. That struggle led me to do my own deep, inner work all these years, as well as study and research into the psycho-spiritual path, including energy medicine, yoga, therapy, shadow work, manifestation techniques, and meditation. Nothing scratched the deep itch.

When I discovered the Flash Awake four years ago, as the culmination of all my seeking, an amazing thing happened -- I stopped seeking. That doesn't mean that I don't still pursue powerful entrepreneurial goals and dreams, it means that I do it from an entirely different place inside myself -- a place of being able to "feel home" whenever I choose. I wished that I had had this technique to Flash Awake years ago -- it would have saved me many years of futile struggling with ADHD, and restlessly seeking, striving and slaving away."

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"It's pretty amazing, because I can literally spend just a minute and boost my energy level back up and smile more...feeling relaxed and refreshed.  No side  downtime....perfect."

"Connects with Source in a rapid and powerful way. Immediately feel more confident, connected and aware of my full potential. Can use this quick tool every time I feel stuck Spreads Joy into the world."

"Simpler and quicker than any awareness process I’ve ever experienced. Used it for stress reduction, even in the midst of a busy day. Experienced well-being on much deeper levels. Absolutely credit it for helping me move through a challenging Life phase with  greater ease and clarity."

"I am thrilled! Breaks up old habit patterns that no longer serve me. I appreciate my Self more. Now I can re-center and transform my own energy. Puts me back in the "driver's seat."

"Combines things in a fresh and remarkably effective way. Able to boost my energy, bliss out, re-connect to the Universe. Return to my tasks with a renewed sense of calm and focus, all in just a few moments. Enriches my soul in this  deeply spiritual, and surprisingly matter-of-fact, way."

"I have been a student of Dr. Wiedemann's for over 25 years. This is a powerful way of thinking out of the box. Gives me value as an entrepreneur, family man, and spiritual seeker. Creates an almost IMMEDIATE sense of inner peace, relaxation, clarity, and grounding."

"Instead of fuming at a silly fight with my partner, I am breathing with the Flash Awake!"

"I want you to feel the power of this, so you can contact me with any questions, issues, or feedback at anytime, now or after opt-in ... and I will personally reply to you." ... text 303-619-1890 or email [email protected]