About the Founder

Professionally,  Hello, I have earned a PhD in clinical psychology, published a book Between Two Worlds: The Riddle of Wholeness (Quest Books), and been privileged with over 40 years in the trenches with thousands of clients as a therapist, coach, spiritual guide. I also worked for 5 years as the VP of HR at a Boulder start-up that reached $50,000,000 in sales in three years from launch.

Social Activist: I have volunteered for such social causes as a trained symposium presenter for Lynn Twist's Pacamama Alliance, sitting on restorative justice cases for the Longmont Community Justice partnership, volunteering for Van Jones Army of Love event in Denver, and assisting with the development of the new Rocky Mountain Eco-Dharma Retreat Center. I amazed myself in started and directed two non-profits (1994 and 2007)  from scratch, without attorneys, and served as the president of My Baby Angel Foundation for pregnancy and infant loss.

Life's work: Frederic has committed over 50 years of study to his own deep psycho-spiritual inner work, including intense shadow work during a life-threatening mid-life crisis. His life's work in the paradox of wholeness and the Unifying Field has culminated in this tool to source yourself in 30 seconds.  It answers his life-long search for how to access relief, love and well-being quickly, easily, and in your body. He has synthesized his background in clinical psychology, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, somatic experience, neuroscience, wisdom traditions, evolutionary psychology, yoga, solo vision quests, professional dance and world travel adventures into this Flash Awake.

On the wild side:  In my youthful folly, at 23,  I drove a 500 cc Triumph scrambler from London > Africa > Europe > Turkey > Iran > Afghanistan  (where the bike was stolen from me at machine-gun point by the guards at the infamous Khyber pass). I continued on chicken  buses, and arrived in Delhi the exact day Pakistan and India declared war in 1971. I have also lived five years abroad. In 2001, I took a two-year sabbatical in Kashmir & India. I have done over 20 solo vision quests, traveled in over 45 countries (including kayaking on lake Baikal in Siberia).

On the shadow side: "But I have also struggled for years with ADD and ADHD, and its almost compulsive search for peace and happiness. That struggle led me to do my own deep, inner work all these years, as well as study and research into many diverse healing approaches. Nothing scratched the deep itch. My restlessness led me into a year-long search in India, Kashmir, and Maui in my early fifties. I grew so ungrounded, inflated, and disconnected from my wholeness  that I crashed. I experienced aching depression, bone-chilling anxiety, and suicidal ideas. It was only with the amazing help of a gifted therapist (Hal Stone), my family and friends, understanding my dreams, the wisdom in the works of Robert Moore (Jungian), and forcing myself to exercise no mater what ... that gave me a way out of this life-eating dark night of my soul.

When I discovered the Flash Awake six years ago, as the culmination of all my seeking, an amazing thing happened -- I stopped seeking. That doesn't mean that I don't still pursue powerful social change goals and dreams. It means I do it from an entirely different place inside myself -- a place of being able to "feel home" whenever I choose. I wish that I had had this 30-second technique years ago -- it would have saved me many years of futile struggling with ADHD, restlessly seeking, striving and slaving away, and rising and falling in my social activism commitments."