Flashing Awake with Gardening

[This is the third in a series on
falling in love with this exact moment.
Links to previous articles at bottom.]
Dear lover inside you,
You’ve asked for shorter articles, so here it is 🙂
At least in Boulder right now,  it raining/snowing, and I should not be sending out an email on ecstatic gardening!
But I will. Because it’s the season. And gardening is a metaphor for inside you.
I’m both proud and embarrassed of this video:
  • I’m proud of how I remembered to fall in love with the exact moment when I was gardening … and I was already pretty in love with that moment!
  • I’m proud that the Flash Awake I used brought me into an even deeper swoon with that gardening moment … and supercharged the richness of it (all the way out to the cosmos itself).
  • I’m proud of the way that I could let myself go into the ecstatic appreciation of this falling in love.
But herein lies my embarrassment too:
  • I’m embarrassed of how excited I got. I think it goes back to a childhood wound of being criticized for being a “skitter-bug.”
  • I’m embarrassed how dopey I look in that hat.
  • I’m embarrassed that the video is so over-the-top.
In the last article, I mused that when I intend to fall in love with a moment, I come from a different paradigm than just accepting reality. I come from ecstatic appreciation.
Research is now showing more conclusively that love re-wires the brain (see reference note below). I hope so, because my brain needs alot of re-wiring, and the love flowing from my ecstatic appreciation could help!

Well, here is that ecstatic appreciation full-blown:

Here is an important point:

In any given moment, we may or may not be able to let go of the ego enough to fall ecstatically in love with this exact moment.
However, if we turn our intention to this, and use the Flash Awake (or similar tool), we can find infinite depths to the richness of the moment.
Just keep moving the context of what’s happening at larger and larger perspectives.
p.s. can gardening be a metaphor for something in your life right now?

Reference Notes:

You can read more about how Love Rewires the Brain here: