The 3 Words for my Epitaph


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Remember the Whole

With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
And know the place for the first time.

(T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding)

Yes, it has taken me four years.

I am back to the beginning. The beginning of this journey. This journey to understand, and embody, the Flash Awake. This time I know it (even more deeply) for the first time.

Where is that true in your life also? Where is your soul returning to the truth it knows at the deepest level?

What I am knowing again at the deepest level is that the Flash Awake occurs in an instant:

We can awaken to the
Living Whole of Everything in a Flash.

The Story:

I remember when this came to me. I was at the bird sanctuary at the Jim Hamm Nature Area in NE Longmont. The wintry day blew its cold wind about me. As I lay under the drooping willow branches for some protection, I let them gently brush my face. The blackbirds were still making racket over their nest territories.

I had been studying Candice Denver’s “take short moments of open intelligence many times.” I was practicing taking a short moment of open intelligence. In an instant, in rushed the Whole … the living Whole of Everything.

It was like Russian dolls within dolls. It ALL rushed at me … or is it more accurate to say “I” rushed out, out, out to successively larger and larger spheres of awareness.

Myself > the blackbirds > the immediate environment > Rocky Mountains > the Earth > Universe > Beyond.

For four years now …

For the last four years, I have been giving such a Flash Awake Instant some substance:

  • a practical way we could access it with intention.
  • a way we could feel it in some depth
  • a way we could embody it 
  • a way we could live with its inspiration
  • a way we could breath it
  • a way could heal with its power
  • a way we could disrupt our ego’s dominance.

My first attempt for several years was through the ONE MINUTE breath cycle.

Given the unwillingness of even sincere students to consistently spend one minute accessing the Living Whole of Everything (!), I surrendered to shortening it down to the 12 SECOND RECHARGE.

What is happening in the Instant Flash Awake? 

We are flashing on the Whole.

We are suddenly remembering the whole.

We are remembering the Living Whole of Everything.

The word “remember” is important:

  1. In that moment, there is a sudden instinctual recognition of the Living Whole of Everything.  
  2. And there is a “re-membering” (with a hyphen) — meaning that our Essence is to “member” it … we incorporate it, we become it, we embody it, we embody the whole.

(The famous mystic and poet William Blake got this when he wrote that Albion had to “collect up the scattered portions of his immortal body.”)

These will be the three words on my tombstone:

My epitaph will read “Remember the Whole”

This is what I have taught thousands of psychotherapy clients over forty years of doing in-depth psychotherapy.

This is what I’m writing about every time I write you.

This is my passion, obsession, deepest knowing, Holy Spirit.

Stand up to everything that would stop you

Stand up to everything that would stop you from remembering the whole.

Especially when …

  • our deeper mind is hijacked by the ego, 
  • when we are lost in (only) three-dimensional reality 
  • when we lose the Whole by identifying with the part
  • when we go a whole day without a single thought of presence, gratitude, or love

There are universes upon universes and beyond universes … into the nonphysical … into realms of Spirit (or what we could call spirit although even that name confines its great totality) … into Totality. 

Connect with that! … as you are going about your day, doing your errands, getting lost in your email, criticizing yourself or another.

Remember, throughout every single day, the life-giving, life-enhancing, life force, vital, healing, holding, healthy, wholing, loving, truthing OF THE WHOLE.

Remember the Living Whole of Everything Now, and ’till death doeth hurl you into IT,